The Cuula

The world‘s smallest &
smartest can cuuler

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The smallest and most lightweight can cooler in the world

  • Fits seven 250 ml drinks cans
  • Virtually noiseless as there’s no compressor
  • 16.4 cm x 34 cm x 46 cm (W x H x D)
  • 3.3 kg weight

Cuula 330 and Cuula 250 battery available from 2023!



Cuula – Smarter!

  • Guaranteed low energy consumption
    (0.66 kWh) thanks to energy control
  • Individually adjustable cooling temperature (3–7°C)
  • Optional smart metering feature
    permits real-time sales analyses

Why Cuula?

  • Simple
    Set it up – plug it in* – fill it up – make your sales!
  • Quick
    Cans get cold in just 35 minutes.
  • Customisable
    Branding can be applied on a plastic film and switched flexibly.
    The Cuula can be individually branded with your printed film – backlit if you prefer – and films can be switched and replaced as many times as you like.
  • Smart
    App-based control via Bluetooth
    Real-time data logging
    Integrated LTE modem
  • Sales booster
    Design, form and functionality are tailored specifically to boosting impulse buying.
  • Easy to ship
    Thermoelectric cooling enables safe, straightforward and low-cost shipping.
    No hazardous goods labels, no customs formalities. Delivered all over the world in cardboard boxes stacked on Euro pallets. 
  • Made in Austria
    Austrian design, Austrian development, Austrian quality

    *The Cuula 250 battery will be available from 2023 onwards!

Guaranteed to increase impulse purchases

Cuula – who’s it for?

B2B: drinks manufacturers, wholesalers, supermarkets, chain stores, shops, kiosks, newsagents, gyms, sports centres, financial service providers, hotels, bars, restaurants, hairdressers, boutiques, etc.

B2C: lifestyle-focused customers

The Cuula is at home on any counter!

Simply “Cuul”

Order a film or print your own, fit it to size, and you’re done. Exchangeable again and again and simply perfect for turning your Cuula into your very own advertising space with an optional backlight. Ideal for campaigns, special editions and new products.

Cuula models

Cuula 250 ml Classic

Cuula 250 ml Classic Data*

Cuula 250 ml battery (from 2023) 

Cuula 330 ml Classic (from 2023)

Cuula 330 ml Classic Data* (from 2023)

Cuula 250 ml Backlight

Cuula 250 ml Backlight Data*

Cuula 330 ml Backlight (from 2023)

Cuula 330 ml Backlight Data* (from 2023)

Cuula – complete with app

Every Cuula model can be controlled via Bluetooth
(runtime, temperature, brightness of advertising space).

Cuula Smart Data feature

  • Number of cans taken out
  • Time of sale
  • Cooling temperature
  • Fill level
  • Backlighting

We use our IoT-as-a-service concept to generate
reliable data and analyses for you.


We’ll gladly organise your order for you. Alternatively, you can come and collect from our premises in Vienna (post code 1190). Delivered all over the world on Euro pallets.

An Euro pallet can fit 32 Cuulas. Please ask us about container orders.

The Cuula is maintenance-free. Please empty the condensation container occasionally.


an innovative team of engineers, creatives, marketing experts and sales specialists who love technology and design. We’re based in Vienna. We work on our products with passion, professionalism and a healthy dose of fun. Flexibility is very important to us, as is our relationship with our customers, for whom we offer tailored Cuula solutions (sales analyses, control systems, etc.). We work fast and efficiently.  Cuula GmbH: a cuul company with cuul people, ideas and products! 
And that’s not all: the Cuula is just the beginning :=)!

Cuula GmbH / The Cuula

  • Cuula GmbH set up in 2019
  • Transition to series manufacture September 2021–June 2022
  • Start of production September 2022
  • Preproduction series July–August 2022

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